First blog post

Hello! So approximately 3 weeks ago my beloved T25 Christine failed her MOT 😦

She is a 30 year old Autohomes Kameo hightop in Masala Red and has rusted through on the wheel arches so Mr MOT decided she wasn’t safe enough to pass.


We always knew she’d need doing up but were lucky enough to get use of her for couple of years before D-Day…

We stripped her out in preparation for welding and to have a look at the damage, which was pretty bad 😦


It was heartbreaking seeing her all naked like that :-O

So we decided that rather than patching her up we would undertake the restoration we knew she needed to make her beautiful again 🙂

I decided, after surfing the net for ideas, that I would document her story…

That’s it from me, Christine’s human, for now – updates as they come!